Hey, hey, I am Tabatha. Most days you can find me sipping on a chai latte, listening to Angus and Julia Stone and rocking my inner boho. If there is a curry restaurant within a 15 kilometre radius of me you better believe I am heading there and ordering my most favourite dish on the planet! A big bowl of curry and steamed rice and I don't mind what kind of curry either, Japanese, Thai, Indian - I love them all.  

I am a laid back, patient and kind person, but don't let that fool you! This little pocket rocket (yes, I am a 5' nothing) is energetic and ready help you get the best from your photos.

Brides, I am here to help you relax on your wedding day with my ready made timelines and heaps of tip and tricks along the way. 

Couples, I can put your mind at ease with my easy guide to picking the best location for your couples and engagement shoot.

Mum's, Mummy's-to-be and dads, I have you covered with my easy guides on the best time to take your maternity photos, easy style guides and tips and tricks to help your little ones relax for your family portrait session.

quick facts about me

• I was born in Brisbane, but I have lived all over the shop.
• My kids and my hubby are my world. I can't imagine doing this thing called life without them.
• I have a passion for photography, nature walks and exploring our amazing country!
 • I am a degree qualified biologist, so it is no surprise that I love nature so much! I love the work I do and the flexibility it gives me as a mama and side hustler.
• I have four pets. A Maltese x Jack Russell called Archie and a Shih Tzu x Maltese called Rocky. Rocky is our rescue dog. We adopted him from the Animal Welfare League four years ago and he is a perfect fit for our family! We always look to adopt from our local shelter first before looking elsewhere. We also have two cats, they were both rescue cats too!
• I may have an addiction to chocolate and biscuits, but my all time favourite food is curry!
• I am a huge lager beer fan, I also love a good chai latte.
• I hate coffee and wine! - For real! I know I am a bit weird because everyone loves coffee right?

quick facts about me

meet my family

• Ben is an amazing husband and father. He's super supportive of my passions and I am so grateful for him!
• He runs his own disability support company and he continues to inspire me everyday!
• Ben is an angel because but puts up with my constant messes. I'm working to get better at cleaning up after myself so I drive him nuts a little less often haha!
• Gigi is my eldest and she has such a beautiful caring heart and loves to read.
• Zac is my middle child and he is full of energy and life just like his dad. He pretty much never sits still!
• Evie is my youngest and a little bit spirited, but we wouldn't want her any other way. Her blue eyes melt hearts.

meet my family

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I do things a little bit differently to most photographers. You probably won't hear me ask you to "say cheese", too often in your sessions. I like to make connections with each and every person I photograph to help you feel at ease with me and capture your true and genuine personality. Genuine smiles and expressions are the ones that we treasure the most because they are timeless. 

If you want to have fun and spend some quality time enjoying each others company, then you are in the right place. And congratulations if you have made it this far, it probably means we are a good match!


my style

working with me

My photography style is light, colourful and timeless.  I like to capture raw, joyful and candid images that tell a story. YOUR story. So if this sounds like you, we would be perfect for each other.

So lets do this!


my photography style

light and colourful

If I could pick a destination right this second, I would be lacing up my hiking boots and walking national parks in tropical north Queensland. My dream holiday is exploring ancient rainforest and swimming in waterfalls and gorges. I'd rather be climbing a mountain than going shopping.

I've always got my bags packed for adventure. I want to explore every National Park Queensland has to offer and my kids enjoy it too!


my favorite place

in the world

I am a photographer most passionate about capturing real emotions and natural moments.I think there is something classic and timeless about capturing connection and moments as they unfold. I am not about putting you in a hundred different static and boring poses and asking you to say 'cheese'. Can you say BORING!? Yuck!

I want to capture they way your husband looks at you when he sees you for the first time on your wedding day. I want to capture the tears in your parents eyes as they walk you down the isle and give you away. I want to capture the way your baby holds your face when she looks at you or the natural glow of an expectant mother. If this sounds like you, them you have come to the right place.


why i became a


I am that kind of person that dreams about summer all winter long! The days are longer and warmer. Summer is a wonderful time to get outside and explore, swim in a waterfall, explore the rainforest, go camping, walk along the beach and eat gelato. My favourite flavour is apple. Whats yours?


my favorite season

is Summer

I am a science geek. I can chat your ear off all day about biology, ecology and nature.

That is why you will find so many outdoor elements in the images that I take. 


one thing you may

not know about me

I want to create something for you that will be an heirloom. Something that you can show your grandchildren when you tell them stories about how you and their grandfather met. Because timeless images will never date. They will always be in fashion and they will always be classic.

why it is important to create heirlooms

thank you!

you'll hear from me shortly.